The Executive Committee

The Association is managed by the Executive Committee as the custodian of its affairs. Click here to download the management structure document.
The Executive Committee established the following:

a) Student Council
As an annexure to the Executive Committee, there is established Student Council composed of student leaders from all Universities and Colleges undertaking Bachelor Degree, Diploma and Certificate course leading to Interior Design. They report to the executive Committee on matters of duties and their functions as derived in the regulations provided thereof. The current regulations governing the student council is as Click here.
b) The Secretariat
There is established secretariat employed by the Executive Committee to discharge its responsibilities. There is an Executive Officer, who is the registrar and hold office under direction of the Executive Committee and perform such duties as the Executive committee sets forth in the terms of their appointment. The Executive Committee determines the terms of service of the Association employees

c) Sub Committees
For proper discharge of its mandate, the Executive committee has formed below committees whose membership is composed as below

The association is guided by the values and principles of governance as stiulated in its Constitution. The association Constitution is as Click here.